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Awarded 4 Cows by Tucows!

Upon review of your program (Activ E-Book Compiler) we have decided to add it to our site with the rating of 4 cows. This puts you in with the elite (in our opinion) of home office and business related software.


Activ E-Book Compiler is a true bargain! I was amazed at how easy it was to use and the extra password protection and ESBN features are worth the price many times over...

Eva Almeida

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What People are saying about Activ E-Book Compiler

People say really nice things about our software - and on this page you'll find just a small selection of the nice things people have said about Activ E-Book Compiler...

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You are definitely a good man.  You have provided me with so much information to help me find a solution to my problem.  Sunil, you are number one in my book. Not only do you have the best compiler on the market, it's one of the least expensive and one that I will proudly promote in my own ebook.  I searched for many months and downloaded several to test out so I know that e-book Compiler is the best out there.

Thanks again for the lesson in "Customer Service"

Phil Clelland
Author and Publisher
Real Internet Success Stories
"Making Money in the High Tech Revolution"

Your program is easy to use and helped me to create an exceptional product within 15 minutes of opening it up.  I highly recommend ebook compiler to anyone.  It works beautifully!


Angela D. Massey

  Digital Author and Cyber College Student

Dear Sunil,

In my line of work you see a lot of good software and a lot of bad software.

I have already been able to create my info pack with real ease. ABSOLUTELY SUPERB.

You have done a fantastic job.

Best Wishes

Paul Clevett


   I love it!! The Activ E-Book Compiler is extremely easy to use. I would recomend it to everyone:-)
Carrie Francis

I would like to thank you for such an easy, no fuss program !   It gave us exactly what we wanted in our ebook and can't say enough about it's ease of use.  This program will be a staple for all future ebooks created by our company!

Thank you again!

Tammy Schoppet
Founding Editor
Rental Decorating Digest

After searching for and trying numerous ebook systems, and not being impressed, I found you! Your website and total system are impressive. In fact, I'm dedicating a story all about ebookcompiler.com in an upcoming issue of The Home Business Gazette. Easy to follow, easy to use. ***** (five stars!)

Susan Klopfer, editor and publisher
The Home Business Gazette

I just registered my Active E-Book Compiler and I am THRILLED...!!!! It actually works as easily as promised...it's superbly easy for customers to download from my site and launch....unlike other ebook programs. BRAVO for one of the best buys and products I've found on the net!
Linda Rankin

Dear Sunil,

I have now completed my second ebook using Activ EBook and I must say that it keeps on getting better. This software is so idiot-proof to use yet produces such professional results *it's unreal*! Once your pages are made up, turning them into a ready to sell ebook takes a matter of moments and you're away. The extensive support material is clear and excellently written though I have to admit very few people are going to need it, it's so simple to use.

An incredible product and an amazing price.

Richard Adams

Hi Sunil,

I would just like to say that I am impressed so far with not only your program and the excellent value for money that it provides, but with the professionalism and the "personal" touch to the service.

I wish you every success with your venture and hope that you make a pile of money

Paul Mitchell
Earn from home with Internet & Mail Order

This is without a doubt the very BEST e-book compiler I have ever had the pleasure of using. I have others, but they are now uninstalled from my computer.
The features and ease of use are incredible.
Thank you for your high quality - lowest priced compiler.
J. Childs

As an author of several ebooks and much experimentation with ebook compilers, I can honestly say that I consider Ebook Compiler to be the best Windows e-book solution.  Whether you are a novice at compiling e-books or you want the extra benefit of the 'advanced features', Ebook Compiler is the hands-down best value solution.

Andy Brocklehurst
Author of "Info Product Magic"

Dear Mr. Tanna,
I am really impressed by your software 'Active E-Book'. It has almost all the features, a professional E-book compiler should have and that too at a ridiculously low and affordable cost. Some vendors are charging $47, $190 & $ 250.
Accept my congratulations for it, I wish you all the best to create such great products at an affordable prices.
Name: Dhananjay Pathak
E-Mail: dhananjay@sanjaymarketing.com
Web: www.sanjaymarketing.com


I just want to say that I tried three ebook compiler programs, got no assistance, suffeled around, and no results. They couldn't handle htm extensions, only html, couldn't handle Powerpoint conversions and none of the security features worked consistently. Your program was the only one to provide easy to follow instructions, support for Powerpoint, consistent security features, robust options and a simple user interface. Congratulations! Feel free to use me as a testimonial anytime. Steve Betts

Hi, Sunil ..;)

Activ E-book Compiler's ease of use, unparalleled features, and overall stability, has made it my ebook compiler of choice ... garnering my highest recommendation. Of the many I've tested, Activ Ebook is the only one I decided to purchase, myself.

Thanks, again ..
Mike Merz
Internet Marketing For Newbies

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