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Awarded 4 Cows by Tucows!

Upon review of your program (Activ E-Book Compiler) we have decided to add it to our site with the rating of 4 cows. This puts you in with the elite (in our opinion) of home office and business related software.


Activ E-Book Compiler is a true bargain! I was amazed at how easy it was to use and the extra password protection and ESBN features are worth the price many times over...

Eva Almeida

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Lost Registration Keys

If you are a registered user, and need a replacement registration key (for example because of a hard-disk crash), we will be very happy to issue you a replacement key, free of charge.1
  • If you are using the version 4 or later and still have the registration key details (on the page we asked you to print after you paid) - then simply use the Activ Key Recovery utility and you can get you key back within 2-3 minutes.

  • If you are a registered user of a previous version, you can download the latest version, and use the Activ Key Recovery.
If you don't have the print out, or for some reason prefer to stick to an older version of the software, here is the procedure you need to follow:
  1. If you have not already done so, download the free version again, from our download information page.

  2. Start Activ E-Book Compiler, and click About on the Help menu.

  3. On the dialog box, it says "Your User ID is NNNNN" Where NNNNN is a 5-digit number. Write this number down, the click OK.

  4. E-mail us with the number you wrote down in step 3, and your full name. Our e-mail address is webmaster@ebookcompiler.com - Note: If you do not see our reply to your email within a few days, please see the box on this page about "Email Communication Problems".

    For a quicker response: If possible, please include the date you purchased (even if only approximate), and if you have it, your ClickBank receipt number.
We fully appreciate that, in this circumstance, that you have already paid for the software - so we will do our absolute best to respond as quickly as possible.

1Our License Agreement states a 90 day time-limit and other limitations on issuing of free replacement keys. Even so, whenever possible and reasonable (in our sole judgement), we will issue replacement keys to customers at no additional charge. However, in all cases, we reserve the right to strictly conform to the rules within our License Agreement, and do not guarantee that we will exceed the rules as stated in the License Agreement.

Our Address

Note: For quickest response, please e-mail us.

Answers 2000 Limited
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Tel: +44 784 715 0419

E-mail: webmaster@ebookcompiler.com - Note: If you do not see our reply to your email within a few days, please see the box on this page about "Email Communication Problems".

Note: We are a small company, so can not attend telephones at all times. For quickest response, please e-mail us.


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