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Awarded 4 Cows by Tucows!

Upon review of your program (Activ E-Book Compiler) we have decided to add it to our site with the rating of 4 cows. This puts you in with the elite (in our opinion) of home office and business related software.


Activ E-Book Compiler is a true bargain! I was amazed at how easy it was to use and the extra password protection and ESBN features are worth the price many times over...

Eva Almeida

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You can download Activ E-Book now and try out the trial version for FREE

Note: The free trial version does have some limitations (as compared to the paid ("registered") version), but it does allow you to create your own e-books, and see what the software can do. There is no time limit for how long you can use the free trial version for.

Please check your system complies with the following requirements:
  • Any recent version of Windows on a PC (including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP)
When you click on the download link save AEB422P.EXE to a temporary folder on your hard-disk - then after the download is complete - then open/run it.
  • Current version: 4.22 Plus [if upgrading from a previous version, please read the Upgrade Instructions first]
  • Download size: 2,219,048 bytes (2,219K)
When you are ready: > > Click Here To Download < <

If you have trouble downloading from the above link, use one of these alternate links:
What to do after you have downloaded:

Although some features are disabled in the Trial version of the software, there is no time limit on how long you can use it for:
  1. After you have downloaded and installed the software, you will find a group of icons under the "Start" menu, under "All Programs" (or "Programs" on older computers) then "Activ E-Book Compiler 4.22 Plus".

  2. You can find instructions on how to use the software by clicking the item labelled "Help" within this group of items. I would suggest that you read the Getting Started section of the Help, particularly the Basic Concepts page.

  3. You can use the free Trial version for as long as you wish.

  4. After you tried Activ E-Book Compiler, and if you are 100% happy with it and want access to the extra features in the paid ("registered") version, you may then Register to unlock these remaining features.
If you decide that you don't wish to purchase the full version, you don't have to. You can continue using the Trial version as long as you want, or, if you prefer, you can simply remove the program from your computer using "Add/Remove Programs" in the Windows' Control Panel.

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Oh Please!!! Keep sending information

I am excited about this, and have created a book already. I am workin the kinks out of it right now. I am going to do a lot of Dumb reading before I start asking dumb questions. I have played with Html for several years now and webpages.... Sort of have a leg up on many people. I was trying to figure out how to put a Website on a floppy and then you came along.. Perfect!

Like having a website on a floppie that anybody can run. Well almost anybody. Perfect for marketing to gatherings and Swap meets it can take the place of business cards and costs little more..... Better than the "new" CD business cards and not much more bulky.

Thanks and you can publish this;!!!

August Crissey (Love your shell)

..And here's another subscriber's unsolicited testimonial:


I just wanted to say "thanks" for Activ Ebook Compiler and your newsletter. The product is great, and the newsletters helpful and informative.


Emma Carpenter
YourName@Cowboyway.com! For your own free email visit us at


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