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Activ E-Book Compiler is a true bargain! I was amazed at how easy it was to use and the extra password protection and ESBN features are worth the price many times over...

Eva Almeida

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Related Products and Services

Activ E-Book Compiler is a complete software package for compiling eBooks...

However, for the author or publisher who wants even more, there are many related and compatible products, services and web sites (some by ourselves and some by others) which can help you get more from the software, or even add additional functionality.

You can find a list of many of these at EBookEnhance.com.

Here a few selected highlights:

  • eBook Cover Design: CoverFactory

    Create Your Own Stunning 3D eBook Cover Art: You can easily create cover art like these!
    In just a few minutes!
    Sample Image Sample Image
    Sample Image Sample Image Sample Image

    Once you have created your cover graphic (CoverFactory generates PNG, BMP or JPEG format graphics):
    • You can place it on the intro page of your eBook
    • You can use it on your web site
    • You can use it in your advertising and marketing materials

    CoverFactory Version 2 is an Award Winning Windows program that allows anybody - even graphics-klutz's like me - to create beautiful 3D-style Cover art in minutes.
    • Simple and easy-to-use.
    • You lay out each of the sides of the book or box (etc.) in 2D, and it takes ALL the hassle away of turning that into a beautiful 3D-style image.
    • It walks you through all the main steps of creating your new Cover, using an easy-to-follow wizard.
    • Allows you to add shadows, reflections, special effects, and much more...
    • It comes with full instructions explaining all the program's features.
    • FREE access to our libraries of 200+ photographic images (spectacular skies, beautiful landscapes, animals, plants and more).
    • An incredible range of powerful but super-simple features (too many to list).
    • Best of all: We are so convinced that you will love this program - You can download and try out an evaluation version - for FREE!

    Click here for more information

  • Multimedia: Advanced Multimedia for Activ E-Book Compiler

    Advanced Multimedia Extension for Activ E-Book Compiler is a powerful optional add-on that allows you to add sophisticated multimedia features to your eBooks. It also includes some excellent neat bonus for the Multimedia author.
    • Incorporate MIDI Music, WAV and more in your eBooks
    • Play videos in pop-up Windows in your eBooks
    • Play videos full screen in your eBooks
    • Control multimedia devices (example: audio CDs) or access the Microsoft Windows Media Control Interface ("MCI")
    • Screen Movie Recorder: Record screen activity into video files (great for making tutorials about how-to-use web sites or software)
    • 25 ready-to-use MIDI music files, in a variety of musical genres, that you can use royalty-free in your eBooks.

    Click here for more information

  • eCommerce & Security: HYPrLock

    HYPrLock is a powerful but easy-to-use Automatic Payment System, compatible with, and designed for use with, Activ E-Book Compiler. Ideal for try-before-you products, but implementing high security to protect authors against unauthorized copying or use of their work.
    • Instant Password Activation
    • Instant Refund Disabling (disable your E-Book when the customer is given a refund)
    • Hot: Adds the capacity to distribute Ultra secure PDF files. HYPrLock uses invisible PDF passwords to prevent anyone from opening or viewing the files outside of a password protected Activ E-Book / HYPrLock package.
    • Compatible with ClickBank, PayPal, or Other Compatible Payment Processor

    Click here for more information

  • Programming: Activ E-Book Compiler API Toolkit

    The API toolkit allows you to add your own scripting commands to eBooks created with Activ E-Book Compiler (please note: requires knowledge of programming C/C++ DLLs).

    Please contact our company for details


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