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Activ E-Book Compiler is a true bargain! I was amazed at how easy it was to use and the extra password protection and ESBN features are worth the price many times over...

Eva Almeida

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Activ E-Book Power Features

Activ E-Book Compiler already includes a great set of features including:
  • Unlimited royalty-free E-Book creation - create as many E-Books as you like
  • Internet Linking - link to web sites of your choice
  • Password protected pages - Protect your work
  • Icon customization, including 700 icons for you to choose from - or create your own using an external icon editor (icon editor not included)
  • Save and resume your work
  • File Compression - Keeps your E-Books small!
  • Expiry and Free Trial features - For shareware-style E-Books
  • Unique Serial Numbers in every E-Book
  • Built-in search engine in your E-Books
  • Splash Screens - show your logo while your E-Book starts
  • ...and many more that there isn't space to list here.

But the latest version also includes a whole host of stunning power features. Here are some of the most exciting power features:
  1. Rebrander

    Possibly the most amazing viral marketing tool ever... ...Included, at no extra cost with Activ E-Book Compiler

    • If you want to drive traffic to your web site... you could:
      • Create a free E-Book containing your marketing materials and a link to your site that you give away free.
      • Encourage other webmasters to give away your E-Book too.
      • Create a "Rebrander" - a separate program that allows these webmasters to customize the E-Book, but only in ways that you specify, for example with an additional link to their web site.
      • If each of the webmasters who helps you, also gets a personalized copy of the e-book to distribute - they'll love to promote your E-Book!

    And yes there are many other ways that you can use the Rebrander too: You could also allow other webmasters to insert their own affiliate links, information about themselves or their business, a whole block of their own HTML code...

  2. Added in version 4.22: Language Translation + Text Customization

    Note: We do not provide completed translations ourselves, however some users of our software have chosen to share the translations that they have created. Translations available at the time of writing include: Danish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish Castellano

    Virtually all text used in menus, dialogs, message boxes, toolbar buttons etc., are stored in a separate language file, which you can edit using the built-in editor.

    This lets you:
    • Produce your e-book, complete with fully translated user interface in any language that uses the standard Western European character set, including: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Afrikaans, Flemish, Catalan, and many more.

      Note: some (minor) limitations may apply. This feature is fully enabled in the free trial download, and is explained in detailed in the "Advanced Features" section of the Help documentation, so you can see exactly how this works before you buy.

    • Customize the menus, dialogs, and prompts to your liking:

      Don't like the wording of a particular menu item? You can change it!

      Think the 'Home' button should be called 'Start'? You can change it!

  3. Added in version 4.22: Even more user interface customization options

    Activ E-Book Compiler has always included a wide range of options for customizing the user-interface and appearance of your e-books, but the latest version includes more options and flexibility than ever!

    User interface customization options available in the latest 4.22 version include:
    • Whether to automatically open Internet links in a new browser

    • Whether your e-book should contain menus, pop-up menus, a status bar.

      Whether your e-book should contain a toolbar (and the position of the toolbar, which buttons are shown, whether the buttons have text labels, the style of tooltips and more).

    • Whether to enable Next/Previous options (which navigate the e-book in the same sequence as the Table of Contents), and if these buttons "loop around" when you get to the first or last page of the e-book

    • More "splash screen" (the image shown while the e-book is loading) customization options including adding a delay, and whether to display a percentage bar under the splash screen.

    • And lots more!

  4. PreProcessor

    • Automatically include information such as when your E-Book was last compiled, or which version of Activ E-Book Compiler was used into your E-Book. If you did this by manually editing the pages, you might have to change manually edit a lot of pages each time you produce a new version of your E-Book. If you do this using the PreProcessor, you can automatically generate and insert the right values in the right places.

    • Creating E-Books that look different, or link to a different page on your site depending on the day of the month, whether a password has been entered yet... or many more choices.

    • Need to include a common word or phrase on many pages of your E-Book (like your company's address)? Using the PreProcessor you need only enter this information once... and if the information changes (like your company moves) you can change every page by editing the information just once!

  5. File Includes

    If you've got a web site you might be familiar with Server Side Includes (SSI). SSI allows you to include external files into multiple HTML pages without having to re-enter the information on each page.

    Activ E-Book Compiler's Include feature is similar idea, and makes it simple to

    • Include files containing "HTML fragments" into your E-Book pages. A great time saver!

    • Include common information (for example, directions to your business) in each of your E-Books...

    • Do you have information in text files that you want to incorporate as part of your E-Book? The PreProcessor can even automatically convert text to HTML if that's what you need!

  6. Build Series

    Create a whole series of otherwise identical E-Books, each containing a different numbered ID, with just one step.

    Examples of how you could use this powerful feature include:

    • Create E-Books for each of your affiliates containing their unique affiliate ID.

    • Create one E-Book with different IDs embedded. Great for tracking if you're using multiple methods of promotion.

    • Produce "numbered copies" when creating E-Books containing confidential information.

  7. Support for massive CD-ROM projects

    Note: We do not include CD-burning software, hardware or media. To make CDs, you will need to obtain these items separately.

    It's easy to

    • Create CD-ROM based E-Books which access other external files on the CD. Great for videos, sound and multimedia CD-ROMs.

    • Create a link inside on E-Book on the CD-ROM that starts another E-Book or program.

    • Set up links to "external" HTML or image files on the CD-ROM which will always work, regardless of whether the user's CD drive is D:, E:, F:, G:, H: or whatever!

  8. Activ Script

    Our power tool for integration and customization...

    Most E-Book creation software is a simple conversion of the technology for displaying web pages. In a few of the better E-Book compilers, including Activ E-Book Compiler, you can use JavaScript or Java or VBScript to include browser based games, or make your images dance across the page... but until now, it hasn't been possible to do the kinds of things that HTML web pages simply can't do...

    With Activ E-Book Compiler's unique technology, your E-Books can now do the impossible...

    When a user clicks on links of your choice, or automatically on the occurrence of specified events (ike the E-Book starting, or the user entering a password), your E-Books can do amazing impossible things like:

    • Run external programs

    • Read and write files

    • Read and write to INI files

    • Do searches within the E-Book

    • Generate E-Book pages dynamically

    • ...and tons more

    Also, Added in version 4.22: Activ Scripts can be accessed from JavaScript/VBScript! You can now do any of the above (and a lot more) from within JavaScripts/VBScripts.

  9. Added in version 4.22: Process Forms Locally

    Activ E-Book Compiler has always included capabilities to include forms that link to your web site, but the it now also adds an even more powerful feature: your e-books can process forms locally without having to link up to a web site or CGI script.

    This feature links up with the Activ Script features and allows you to build highly interactive e-books!

  10. Load, Save, and Generate Password Lists

    Maintaining lists of passwords has never been easier than with Activ E-Book Compiler version 4.

    • Automatically generate as many hard-to-guess passwords as you like, containing upper case, lower case letters or digits (or any combination that you like), simply and totally automatically in seconds.

    • Load lists of passwords from a text file

    • Save passwords to text files, or into source/script code that you can use in conjunction with your e-commerce system

    • Save password lists in a form that's easy to integrate into your Perl, PHP, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, ASP/VBScript, programs.

  11. Activ Quick Project

    Need a tool for creating E-Book projects fast?

    Activ Quick Project is a wizard-based tool to get you started quickly. It will create the folders that you need for your E-Book, and give you specific instructions on what to do next.

  12. Super Instructions

    Over 100 pages of detailed instructions showing every screen and feature in the software.

    • Step-by-step guides to creating E-Books using:
      • HTML
      • Microsoft PowerPoint 2000
      • Microsoft PowerPoint 97
      • Microsoft Word 2000
      • Microsoft Word 97

    • Step-by-step guide to selling E-Books using ClickBank - as a downloads or using passwords

    • How to upload your E-Book to your web site using FTP.

    • Answers to common questions and problems.

    • Lots of useful background information about E-Books and related topics.

  13. Optional Advanced Multimedia Support1

    Note: this is a separate (not included as standard) but compatible product, available from EBookPower.com. See footnote 1 at the end of this page

    Make your E-Books even more compelling and interesting with the optional Advanced Multimedia Extension for Activ E-Book Compiler.

    This goes way beyond the simple BGSOUND and similar tags that you might already be familiar with (which you can use in your E-Book, even without this optional add-on).

    Advanced Multimedia Extension includes support for:

    • Sampled Sound, MIDI music

    • CD Audio (great for interviews, audio reports, and more)

    • Full screen Video playback.

    • Pop-up Video windows.

    • Send MCI commands to any Microsoft Media Control compatible multi media devices

    • And more!

    Added in version 4.22: Advanced Multimedia Extension 4.22 also includes a free bonus application - "Screen Movie Recorder" which allows you to capture screen activity in standard AVI video-files. Great for building tutorials, presentations, training materials and more!

  14. Optional Programmer's API Toolkit2

    Note: this is a separate (not included as standard) but compatible product. See footnote 2 at the end of this page

    For the more technically-orientated user (people with previous Windows C++ programming experience).

    Now you can stretch the capabilities Activ E-Book Compiler...

    • Add additional Activ Script commands.

    • Add new capabilities to the PreProcessor.

    • Add new features to your E-Books.

    And if you're not a programmer - no problem - you can use all the features of Activ E-Book Compiler without ever looking at this toolkit.

    Better yet, if a programmer creates a great extension module (and gives you permission to use it), you can take advantage of whatever features that he's created without having to understand any of the complicated stuff "under the hood".

Click here to download and try it now for FREE!


1Advanced Multimedia Extension is a separate but compatible add-on product, not included as standard. To download this software and obtain license to use this product, you need to purchase it from EBookPower.com.

2API Toolkit is a separate but compatible add-on product, not included as standard. Please email us at webmaster@ebookcompiler.com if you want this product. To make use of the API Toolkit, you will need access to WINZIP (or compatible unzipping software),and Microsoft Visual C++ version 6 or later, as well as experience in C++ programming for Microsoft Windows.


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